Ian Epps finds... the4yearoldchild: Courtside- volume1

- Softl Music

CD | som301 | 2003

1. Inset
2. Y E
3. Asomethingslip

5. Squishinflowers
6. Mailingclipping
7. Ifnoon
8. Symptomsofaquarterback
9. Supergbgame
10. Sympatheticnetting

12. Courtside

"The4yearoldchild is a continuing series of audio-portraits, documenting a world
through child's eyes.
Ian Epps finds the4yearoldchild Courtside, entertains the idea of an identity
of a child, constructed out of sound. Understanding that humans are complex
filtering machines, Courtside is the4yearoldchild's experience of playing a game
of lawn tennis. Developing a vocabulary of this activity, the child relies on memory,
and an understanding of physics, weather conditions and human behavior".


. . . . "Brooklyn-based Brit Ian Epps is a multimedia artist whose “audio portrait” is meant to interpret the way a child may filter everyday interaction. Through his sound work on “Find the4yearoldchild Courtside Volume 1″ pixel-sized sounds are organically synthesized into this fully digitized sound experiment. Epps captures the echo of hollowness on the unusually off-center “mailingclipping” that’s more like a toy player piano caught while sinking under water with its innards hitting craggy rocks and other debris as it drops in slow motion. Each of the twelve tracks here has its own unique mark, some sparse, some a bit more playful and yet distant. “ifnoon” certainly qualifies as the latter, with muffled monitors and other gauge-sounding apparatus it’s what one may imagine as a joy ride on a submarine through the depths of an Icelandic lava flow. As hauntingly scenic as some of Scanner’s best work, Epps’ “symptomsofarquarterback” incorporates a similar attention to the textural effects and hyperbolic sensitivity of the final mix. Please welcome Softl Music to the table, bringing with them the ability to recognize the important impact of the influx of sound art that falls beyond traditional borders that define artistic paradigms". - TJ Norris, Igloo Magazine