Forgotten Lake

Christy Nyboer’s project “Forgotten Lake” is an art installation inspired by Portland’s strange history of the land where NW Marine Art Works is built. In 1905 Guild’s Lake was the site of Oregon’s Lewis & Clark Centennial Exposition, and the area we now know as “NW Industrial”. Prior to 1905, this area was once a natural, swampy wetlands occupied by Native Americans, which eventually became drained and filled to make way for the neighborhood we see today. “Forgotten Lake” is a reflective journey to find creative, physical and emotional places that have been lost over time. Searching for lost feelings of calmness and sanctuary in oneself.

Using aluminum, dirt, seeds and live plants, Christy has recreated her own reflective pool using a historic map of Guild’s Lake as her reference.

“I feel we each have our own Forgotten Lake within ourselves we’d like to reflect on and get back to. The complexity of time and busyness of life leaves us feeling depleted and our lakes drained and filled with dirt.” ~ Christy Nyboer

Sound artist, Ian Epps, has collaborated with Nyboer’s vision of “Forgotten Lake” and composed a sound piece to accompany the viewers experience. He collaged recordings of Portland region Katydids and Cicadas with wind. There are 7 parts to Epps composition and play continuous on loop.

“On the surface, my compositions have many elements of musicality, with harmonic color and multilayered arrangements, but it’s beneath the surface where my interests lie.” ~ Ian Epps

Forgotten Lake is open to the public at Building Five: May 20th - 25th, 2022.